Web Developer

Web Developer

Michelle Lee

Recent college graduate of California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, on a mission to make beautiful and functional web applications.

Based in the Greater Area of Los Angeles, I enjoy making applications that are practical and make people's lives easier.









Portfolio Website


Personal portfolio website of Web Developer Michelle Lee built on the bread and butter- HTML and CSS.

One Resume

React, CSS, Styled Components, Stateful Components, React Router

Responsive resume generator based on templates so you don't have to worry about styling your resume. Fill out the information and see changes live as you type. Switch between templates of your choosing.

Cal Poly SWIFT

Docusaurus, React, CSS Modules

Cal Poly SWIFT is the cybersecurity club at the college of Cal Poly Pomona. The group's current website has an older design with outdated content, and myself and one other person was tasked to create a more modern experience. Docusaurus was chosen for its simplicity in design and ease of configuration, as well as its "blog" and "docs" documentation features.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Prototypes, Local Storage

Have a collection of books in a library with the book's title, author, and read status. You are able to add books, remove books, as well as change it's read status upon click. This project is used to understand JavaScript objects and controlling state with prototypes, and how to use local storage. The book items are set to expire after one week using TTL (time to live).